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those pretty lace eggs…

So, you’ve seen the lace eggs that we had as wedding favours done by The Wedding Chateau:

The first time I saw them, I just stood frozen in amazement. Each egg was so beautifully printed, and I just thought hard about how the eggs made.

Want to know? Click here! If you had the patience and meticulousness (?) to do hundreds of them, you should try and let me know how it turned out please!


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diy: bunga pahar

Malay weddings have so many types of bunga! First there is the bunga rampai, then the bunga manggar, and then there’s also bunga pahar!

Bunga pahar is also a decorative item that are typical of Malay weddings. It is often seen in a pair, placed at the base of the wedding dais.

The bunga pahar, as a whole, is actually an arrangement of bunga telur. Bunga telur – or egg flower – is a wedding token that is given out to guests who do the renjis-renjis* on the wedding couple. The bunga telur consists of a boiled egg, usually decorated with flowers and ribbons.

Again I decided to ‘modernise’ the design of our bunga pahar to suit the theme of our wedding dais.

First, a little background: Much earlier, when Raihan and I met The Wedding Chateau to hear out their ‘manifesto’ of our wedding, they told us that our wedding dais will be teal and gold; colours which will suit The Chamber perfectly. However, teal and gold may be a little off from the rest of the functions rooms, where the decor is primarily blue and white.

Much, much earlier – before much of the wedding conceptualisation was confirmed, I dreamt of having a Moroccan themed wedding (which would have pretty much looked like this!). So I went crazy with the idea of beading my invitation cards. Of course, I went ahead to buy an assortment of ethnic beads only to realise, once we were set that Moroccan theme was a NO,that I bought them all for nothing…

… until now!!!

I am lucky that I bought beads that are a mix of blue, turquoise, silver and gold! Like my ‘bead-worms’? These ‘bead-worms’ will be used to decorate the bunga pahar, along with these:

Bangles from Little India! Think about it: Indian bangles are already so pretty on its own. If they are used to decorate your wrists and forearms, they can surely be used to decorate… things like bunga pahar too! I bought kid-sized ones, all within the colour theme of blue, teal and gold.

I also bought material – teal-coloured raw Indian silk:

And what about the eggs? I decided against using hardboiled eggs, as I want to avoid as much hassle as possible during the days before the wedding. I wouldn’t want my mother and relatives to be getting stressed over cracked eggs in the kitchen! So I managed to find these pretty (but plain) chrome-coloured egg shells. These shells can later be filled with chocolate or candy. Also found: gold organza pouches.

The entire combination of things:

So… What’s the skeleton of it all? This is it!

It’s a tree frame that I found in a shop in Golden Landmark Hotel! I intend to rent 2 of them. And I can only collect them a week before the wedding! I hope it won’t be too difficult to put all of it together!

* Renjis-renjis is part of the majlis bersanding, where the wedded couple will be seated on the dais and sprinkled with yellow rice and scented water by family members, relatives and guests as a sign of blessing. Each guest will receive a bunga telur, which means ‘flower’ and ‘egg’ – a symbol of a fertile union. Read more here.

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