diy: bunga manggar

Oh! I have been so busy lately with work, Eid preparations and my boss’ wedding (yeah, my friend/colleague and I are putting together a special project for him!) that I have been putting off preparations for mine!

So I did mention that I have 3 upcoming DIY projects – all of which I have started off, but yet to complete. Nevertheless, the progress of each seems pretty good, and I thought it will be fun to show you what I have so far!

One of the projects is the bunga manggar. The bunga manggar is part of traditional Malay wedding decoration. Typically, it is made to look like a tree with colourful, shimmery branches.

While its main purpose is to liven up the function venue, or to welcome important guests (such as the bride and groom!)…

…it may also be placed strategically in the vicinity of the wedding venue to offer directions to guests.

Well, for our wedding, Raihan and I will be mostly indoors, so we can skip the part where we are chaperoned with bunga manggar by our sides!

However, it will be useful for guests if there is a directional sign to lead them to our wedding venue! And there you go: the perfect reason for me to make a bunga manggar! Making it would be very easy if I followed this Youtube tutorial, but I was thinking hard about this project, and I decided to ‘modernise’ the traditional bunga manggar a little bit.

So let us start with the sign! To be honest I haven’t had a go at scrapbooking before, though I really, really admire the works that are exhibited in scrapbooking shops. I always wonder: how do people get the flair for mixing 2, 3, 4 pieces of paper together – all of different patterns and colours – and manage to make a mismatched mess look sooooo beautiful??

I decided to try it out anyway, and since mismatched typography is quite the in-thing nowadays, I decided to play with different fonts and put them all together to create this:

As you can see all of the different cutouts are not pasted yet because I’m not sure if I like it enough! But it certainly is close to what I’d like to achieve… So we’ll see how it turns out in the end.

The sign needs a stem, so I bought the wooden stick for $2 at Daiso! I’m so happy because it’s going to make a really strong and sturdy stem for my sign! Also pictured: an eccentric little vase that will be used to perch the sign and all the shimmery flowers that will make my modern bunga manggar!

Yeah I bought shimmery flowers for this project already, but I didn’t photograph them because I’ve cleaned out my room for Eid and I’m lazy to bring them out. But you’ll surely see them once I’m done with this project!

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  4. I never imagined how much information there was online on this!
    Thanks for making it all simple to get it

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    There’s a lot of people that I think would really enjoy your content. Please let me know. Cheers

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