diy: bunga rampai

It is customary for bunga rampai or assortment of flowers, to be given out at Malay weddings. While I do not know the significance of handing out bunga rampai to guests (alas Google fails me!), I do know what it is made of.

Different flowers such as jasmine, frangipani, kesidang and ros kampung are usually chosen. Next, pandan leaves and rough skinned lime are finely chopped or shredded, and then added to the mix of flowers. Perfume or rose-water is then poured over the floral salad.  All of these ingredients are tossed in a small basket and smoked with incense, resulting in the sweetest smelling jumble of flowers and leaves:

I decided to pounce on this skip this opportunity to embark on a do-it-yourself adventure! I’m going to make my own bunga rampai tokens for my wedding!

And because I’m too lazy to do the traditional bunga rampai,  I’m going Western instead.  Not to worry – it will still involve a mix of fragrant flowers and leaves, along with the occassional twig or husk… because I’ve opted to use Potpourri for my bunga rampai! I’ve found this little bag at Spotlight.

A navy blue one no less…

It is not a new idea, but I really love potpourris!

I decided that the blue of the potpourri ought to be shown off, so I needed a transparent vessel. It didn’t take much thought to choose these pretty little IKEA jars!

And to top it off (literally!): pretty paper motifs from a scrapbooking shop in Eastpoint.

End result: a pretty modern take on the bunga rampai!

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